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Nikon Statistics 2024 By Revenue, Sales And Facts



Nikon Statistics: Let’s dive into Nikon Corporation’s global market trends, along with the latest corporate updates for 2023 and 2024. This company has a broad business segment that includes cameras, lenses, digital imaging products, precision equipment, optics, microscopes, binoculars, and measuring instruments. So, with clarity, several products with innovative features are available in the market.

Also, in the coming years, Nikon will launch many new products. As Nikon is another of the best camera brands, thousands of people are investing in the brand this year. This Nikon Statistics includes insights from various aspects that will guide you better in understanding the current market analyses effectively.

Editor’s Choice

  • The average revenue earned by any Nikon product (ILC + lens + compact) in 2023 was 665 billion yen, which has grown by 40%.
  • On the other hand, Nikon Corporation’s profit attributable to owners of a parent in 2023 resulted in 45 billion yen in 2023.
  • In the 1st quarter of 2023, Nikon’s Imaging Products sales resulted in 340K units, and interchangeable lenses secured 2nd place, resulting in 200K sales units.
  • Sales revenue from imaging products has increased by 18.7% from last year.
  • Total market capitalization earned by Nikon by February 2023 accounted for $3.53 billion, which has increased by 12.72% from 2022.
  • In fiscal year 2023, Nikon Corporation’s precision equipment business generated the highest revenue of 203.3 billion yen.
  • The total website visits to in January 2024 was 864.3K, which has increased by 8.41% and the bounce rate by 52.95%.
  • The United States of America holds the largest revenue share of 159.8 billion yen by Nikon Corporation in 2023.
  • In December 2023, worldwide Nikon camera import and export shipments stood at 18.7K, with 1281 buyers and 1080 suppliers.
  • In recent years, Nikon forecasted almost 750,000 bodies and 1,200,000 lenses to be sold, with a market share of 13% and 11.4%, respectively.

Facts About Nikon

  • As of 25 July 2023, Nikon Company has completed 106 years of business operation.
  • Currently, Nikon products are present across 90 countries around the world.
  • Popularly notable products of Nikon are F-series 35mm film SLR cameras, Nikkor lenses, D-Series DSLRs, Z-Series mirrorless cameras, Nikonos of underwater film cameras, and the Coolpix compact cameras.
  • Annually recruited female employees of Nikon will be almost 1.2% in 2024.
  • In June 2023, Nikon launched the Z FC mirrorless camera features, a built-in electronic viewfinder, a 20.9-megapixel sensor, manually controlled buttons, and a 3-inch vary-angle touch screen.
  • In India, the maximum sales of Nikon India come from mirrorless cameras, with over 72% share.

General Nikon Statistics


  • In 2023, the total number of employees working at Nikon was 18,790, an increase from last year.
  • As of 31 March 2023, the market’s annual growth rate has increased by 1.91%.
  • Due to the high demand for ophthalmology instruments, semiconductors, and electronic components, Nikon’s healthcare business sales have increased by 16.5%, and the revenue earned resulted in 73,243 million yen.
  • In 2024, Nikon’s digital camera manufacturer ranks 3rd with a market share of 12% after Canon and Sony.
  • During festive or wedding seasons in 2024, Nikon is expecting to make a higher sales rate of 35%

Medium-Term Management Plan of Nikon

(6-year Analyses From 2019 to 2025)


  • As of the above graph analyses, the total revenue accounted for by Nikon in 2023 was 665 billion yen, operating profit was 43 billion yen, and return on equity (ROE) resulted in 5.6%.
  • Meanwhile, by the end of 2024, revenue is estimated to reach 700 billion yen with more than 70 million yen operating profit and an ROE of up to 8%.

Nikon’s Revenue Statistics

By Imaging Products Business



  • In March 2023, actual revenue accounted for 300 billion yen and an operating profit of 42.2 million yen.
  • During the same period, revenue earned by digital camera-interchangeable lens type resulted in 178.2 billion yen; others are followed by Interchangeable lens (230 billion yen) and compact DSC (227.1 billion yen).
  • By 31 March 2024, revenue is expected to increase by 12.9 billion yen from last year, resulting in 240 billion yen, and the operating profit will be 38 billion yen.

By Precision Equipment Business



  • It is predicted that by the end of March 2024, revenue earned by the FPD Lithography system and Semiconductor Lithography system will be 203.2 billion yen and is expected to be reduced by 6.8 billion yen from last year.
  • As of February 2023, the total revenue earned by the FPD Lithography system and the Semiconductor Lithography system was 210 billion yen.
  • The operating profit earned in March 2023 was 24 billion yen; in 2024, it will be 24.3 billion yen.

By Other Segments

  • In March 2023, Nikon’s total revenue accounted by healthcare business was 99.3 billion yen, and operating profit resulted in 11.5 billion yen.
  • Other segment’s revenue and operating profits are followed by the components business (53.9 billion yen and 14.6 billion yen), industrial metrology, and others (44.3 billion yen and .6 billion yen), respectively.

Popular Nikon Product Statistics


  • Recently, in 2024, Nikon cameras and lenses have received more views and preferences globally, and around 210,745 views have been received in the last 120 hours.
  • View share of camera and lenses are Nikon Zf (13.6%), Nikon Z8 (8.9%), Nikon Coolpix P1000 (4.8%), Nikon Z5 (2.9%), Nikon Z fc (2.7%), Nikon D750 (2.5%), Nikon Z50 (1.7%), Nikon Z7 (1.7%), Nikon D850 (1.6%), and Nikon D810 (1.6%).
  • The best-selling cameras are the Nikon Z8 and the Nikon Zf, which cost $3,996 and $1,996, respectively.
  • Meanwhile, the cost of best-selling lenses is Nikon Z 24-120mm f / 4S ($1,096) and Nikon Z 180-600mm f / 5.6-6.3 VR ($1,696).

Nikon’s Revenue by Region

  • The United States of America holds the largest revenue share of Nikon Corporation, which is estimated to be 26% by 31 March 2024.
  • The company’s revenue is expected to be generated by China at 21%.
  • Furthermore, other regions estimated revenue share are followed by Europe (21%), Japan (17%), and others (17%).
  • By the end of 2023, revenue accounted by Nikon India was almost Rs. 900 crore.

Nikon Website Traffic by Country


  • As of January 2024, Japan had 48.51% of the total traffic on, but it recorded a decrease of 0.78% in total website visitors.
  • Other countries that recorded total traffic and visitors share contribution is the United States = 13.41% (+11.15%), China = 5.32% (+34.13%), the United Kingdom = 2.93% (+29.92%), and India = 2.44% (+16.05%)
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the countries collectively made a total website traffic share of 27.39%

By Device Statistics



  • Globally, desktop and mobile device visitors share on are 17.87% and 82.13%, respectively.
  • 17% of visitors belong to India, resulting in 482.36K, of which desktop and mobile visitors hold a share of 1.81% and 98.19%, respectively.
  • Other countries visitors share are the United States = 24.06% (i.e., 339.73K), Japan = 17.46% (246.5K), the United Kingdom = 3.24% (45.7K), and Indonesia = 2.88% (40.73K).
  • Country-wise desktop and mobile visitor shares on are followed by the United States (13.28%and 86.72%), Japan (45.22% and 54.78%), the United Kingdom (4.37% and 95.63%), and Indonesia (0.5% and 99.5%).

By Age Distribution Statistics



  • The gender share of is 69.44% male and 30.56% female.
  • According to Nikon Statistics, the highest number of users observed is between 25 and 34 years old, resulting in 23.56%.
  • Around 22.26% of Nikon users are aged between 45 and 54 years.
  • 26% and 14.67% belong to 35 – 44 years and 55 – 64 years, respectively.
  • 21% of Nikon users are aged between 18 and 24 years.
  • And 8.43% of users are from the age group above 65 years.

By Traffic Sources Statistics



  • The highest traffic rate towards is by organic search, resulting in 42.6%.
  • 15% is direct traffic, followed by a 16.05% share from referral search.
  • Furthermore, other traffic sources towards are paid search (1.06%), social (1.51%), mail (1.15%), and display (0.48%).

Social Media Traffic Statistics



  • Twitter has the highest social media referral rate on the website of, resulting in 32.59%.
  • YouTube and Reddit contribute a traffic share of up to 23.03% and 21.24%, respectively.
  • Traffic share sent by Facebook is 14.38%, and Linkedin made around 4.85%.
  • Meanwhile, other social media networks make a nominal contribution of 3.9%.

Sales Unit Statistics by Nikon Imaging PZroducts business (from 2020 to 2024)



  • Nikon’s imaging products business is segmented into DCIL (digital camera-interchangeable lens type) and interchangeable lenses.
  • Total sales units of both products in the 1st quarter of 2023 was 540K, whereas in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter of 2023, sales resulted in 440K units, 530K units, and 350K units, respectively.
  • By the end of 1st quarter of 2024, both product categories are estimated to make 550K unit sales.

Nikon Camera Shipments

  • According to a report of Volza Grow Global in December 2023, worldwide Nikon camera import and export shipments stood at 18.7K with 1281 buyers and 1080 suppliers.
  • Top importers shipments of Nikon cameras are the United States (3,911 units), India (3,827 units), and Hong Kong (2,807 units).
  • The top export shipment statistics by countries are India (9,807 units), Japan (2,642 units), and China (1,789 units).
  • Global buyers of Nikon cameras are Vietnam (243), India (213), the United States (152), the Philippines (88), Hong Kong (73), and Singapore (69).
  • Global suppliers are China (206), Japan (158), India (125), the United States (103), Vietnam (82), and Thailand (58).


The Nikon Corporation is a reputable company growing enormously worldwide due to its involvement in imaging products, instruments, precision equipment, and others. This Japanese company was established in July 1917 and still ranks 3rd in digital camera manufacturing globally in 2024.

Several important factors are described in the article, such as market share, segmental revenue, sales unit, website traffic, usage, shipments, and recently launched Nikon products. The analyses will help you understand the current market trends effectively.

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