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YouTube Livestream Captures Moment Key Bridge Collapses in Baltimore

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed in the early morning hours of Tuesday, according to the Maryland Transportation Authority. The cause of the collapse was a container ship striking a column, which sent the bridge into the water of the Patapsco River below. The entire thing was captured on video during a livestream.

The YouTube livestream, maintained by StreamTime Live, is one of at least nine currently broadcasting, with others showing places like New York Harbor, Port Huron in Michigan, and Chicago’s Midway Airport. The livestream didn’t capture any audio of the bridge collapse in Baltimore.

The Associated Press reports that several vehicles have fallen into the water, a claim that seems supported by the video evidence. But there’s no official word yet on whether any people were on the bridge when it collapsed. Early reports from the Baltimore Sun indicate there may have been at least seven construction workers on the bridge when it was hit but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, Maryland (March 26, 2024)

Video shared by the news aggregator Raw Alerts on X appeared to show another angle on the bridge collapse, with someone in the background shouting obscenities. And while it looks like the same bridge, it’s not clear who originally captured the video. Aggregator accounts on X often post images and video without explaining their sources, which tends to allow misinformation to spread in a breaking news situation.

Another video, captured by Facebook user Bobby Gattus, showed the aftermath of the bridge collapse. Several aircraft appear to be shining their lights into the water, presumably to search for any survivors.

“Absolutely mind-blowing… see all the containers crushed by the bridge,” Gattus says in the video. “Absolutely devastating.”

Adam Parker, an open source investigator from the UK’s Sky News first identified the container ship that hit the bridge as the Singapore-flagged Dali. Shortly after 4: 30 a.m. ET, the Dali reported that all crew members, including two pilots, were accounted for and there were no injuries to crew, according to the New York Times.

The mayor of Baltimore, Brandon M. Scott, tweeted early Tuesday he was in contact with the governor of Maryland as well as emergency responders. And local traffic has been alerted to avoid the southeast corridor of I-695.

“MAJOR BALTIMORE TRAFFIC ALERT: AVOID I-695 southeast corridor. I-695 Key Bridge collapse due to ship strike. Active scene. Use I-95 or I-895,” Maryland Transportation Authority tweeted at 3:20 a.m. ET.

A ship carrying four giant shipping cranes for delivery and installation at the Port of Baltimore, passes under the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore in this file photo from June 20, 2012.
Photo: Patrick Semansky (AP)

The four-lane Francis Scott Key Bridge, often shortened to just the Key Bridge and named for the author of the National Anthem, opened in 1977 and stretches 1.6-miles.

There were, of course, several conspiracy theories already floating around on X about the bridge collapse being “deliberate.” One user even called it “unthinkable” that such a thing could happen in the United States. But there have been at least 35 bridge failures in the U.S. since the year 2000, including many that didn’t even involve a ship running into them.

There’s absolutely no evidence of any grand conspiracy behind Tuesday’s bridge collapse in Baltimore. But that won’t stop a lot of people on social media from speculating wildly, as they always do.

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